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Event Time and Date

Wednesday, March 22 2017, 3:00 PM to Friday, March 24 2017, 11:00 PM
Another Advena conference in DC. We will be discussing international economic issues and networking with people in the field. It will cost the same as before (around 800) and we have limited funding for the event.
Topics of interest

​ 1. Corruption, Poverty, and Economics
2. Global Issues and Public Policies
3. Globalization, Social Issues, and Economic Policies
4. Trade, Immigration and Demographic Issues
5. Public Policy and Business Policy
6. Small Business, Micro-credit, Micro-finance Programs
7. Globalization, Intellectual Property, and International Law
8. Regulations, Exports, and Imports
9. Trade, Conflicts, and Dialogue in the Middle East
10. Global Market, Crises, and Business Policies
​11. International Law, Business, and Corruption
​12. Prosperity, Food Security, and Healthcare Systems
​13. Competition, Black Market, and Informal Economies
​14. Political crises, Corporations, and Conflict Resolution
​15. Democratization, Economics, and Living Standards
16. Water Resources and Global Energy Demand Issues
17. Human's Rights, Markets, and Public Policy
18. Consumers, Cultures, and Social Changes
19. Minimum Wages, Enterprises, and Unemployment
​20. Entrepreneurship, Market Challenges, and Innovation



University of the District of Columbia

4200 Connecticut Avenue, Washington DC
Event Categories:

Educational, Social