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Event Time and Date

Tuesday, May 16 2017, 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM

The Rutherford County Chapter of SOCM meets:


The third Tuesday of every month


SOCM Space (311 South Maney Avenue, Murfreesboro)

Rutherford County members are currently organizing around several campaigns including:

  • Protecting the Flat Rock Cedar Glade nature preserve from ecological destruction and to ensure that nearby residents have access to safe drinking water
  • Campaigning against the Murfreesboro Middle Point Landfill and it’s impact on the community, with the long term goal of transforming the city’s (and region's) solid waste policy
  • Social justice issues in the community, such as fighting racism and reforming an undemocratic City Council election model

To join or for more information about the Chapter, please contact our Middle Tennessee Organizer, Mike Cannon, at mike@socm.org or call 615.398.1776



SOCM Space

311 South Maney Avenue, Murfreesboro, TN